Furniture and accessories made from reclaimed materials

TREASURES FROM WASTELAND makes tables, lamps, outdoor furniture, childrens playhouses, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, etc. form reclaimed materials. Reclaimed materials are those that have been previously used in a building or project, and which are then re-used. The materials are vigorously altered, resized, refinished or adapted. Reclaimed materials, especially wood, are full of character with age, old nail holes and slight imperfections.


Please take a look at our gallery for a selection of our work. Some of our pieces are in stock. Some can be remade. Every piece is unique; no two pieces will be exactly the same, as all are heavily dependent on the nature of the reclaimed materials.

Find a new use for all those products which have been discarded

Our range is still developing as we research materials, techniques and designs. It is our ambition to find a new use for all those products which have been discarded. As creative thinkers and doers we do not overlook any material as they can all be used in unexpected ways.
Using reclaimed materials can significantly reduce environmental impact by preventing unnecessary production of new materials, and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Commissioned work

TREASURES FROM WASTELAND undertakes commissioned work. Custom made kitchen cabinets, drawers, an office table, a chair, a bookshelf… We love to hear your ideas and design concepts and work them into a unique TREASURES FROM WASTELAND piece.

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