About Us

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“Every single piece of waste becomes an inspiration”

Since a very young age I’ve been involved in building work, restoring and designing. I started of doing structural building work on some villas in Ibiza, where I grew up. Building walls, laying tiles and some basic carpentry work gave me a good general building experience. But I wanted to do more creative work. In my twenties I moved to Amsterdam, a liberal city where creativity rules. Here I switched from structural building to interior design, restoring old warehouses into luxury living spaces, building custom made kitchens and making furniture.


Seeing how much good stuff gets thrown away in our consumerists society, I realized that these perfectly fine objects just needed a bit of the right attention. I started playing around with recycling waste, doing up a chair found on the street, giving an old table a new paint job. Basic recycling techniques. Living in the center of Amsterdam, the lack of a big workshop where I could store my found treasures and work on them, held me back to elaborate further.

Making a workshop from reclaimed materials

Feeling the pull of Spain, the country where I grew up, I moved to Andalucia in 2007. There many things fell into place. I found a big work place with enough storing space for materials and ample working space. I created my own workshop from reclaimed materials, non-fashionable but still functional kitchen units with handy drawers, reclaimed hooks to hang my tools of and salvaged wood to make shelves of. One computer made out of three old ones provides me with a bit of music while I’m working. Several machines found and repaired are being used for my work.

The natural beauty of the countryside, the old country houses and the slower pace of life have given me inspiration to execute the ideas which I’ve been building up over the years. The amount of discarded materials in Spain is relatively high as many Spanish people are looking for modernity in their homes and throwing away their old furniture.

Slowly I have changed my technique, became more creative. Instead of painting an old chair, I started chopping it up to make a different object from it. Some pieces of furniture have been polished into a perfect state; others have been kept rough and edgy. I started experimenting with different materials like metal, plastic and fabrics. Now every single piece of waste becomes an inspiration.